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After sales service
La "millenniumcard" A Diamon Is Forever
Insurance "by Lloyd's of London"
BPN: Safe payment
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Ciondolo  "millenniumcard":
Why it is important to have it

"millenniumcard" You and us Forever

Why it is important to have

"Millennium Card" is a special fidelity card reserved for our customers only.
(It will be sent at the time of your second purchase.)
It is a very important tool. It allows us to: - Have access to the "jewels proposed"

Furthermore, you may have:
- free theft insurance from Lloyd's of London to cover the shipment of all jewels purchased from Arigị.

- repair for correct size and relevant free shipment.

- repair for accidental damages to the jewels, at the cost of raw materials only.

- free estimates and recommendations concerning the production of a jewel created exclusively for you or modified upon an idea of our site.

- reevaluation of the jewels "solitaires" by the system "improving gifts":
With this system Arigị grants the buy back of the jewel, at the original price, when you buy another from an upper level. It is a new system, giving a loved one an important gift without the waste of money, or loss of a jewel. From a beautiful one it will become a wonderful one. Jewels with this further guarantee are marked by the stamp Exchangeable written near their price.
(In case of return of the goods, the shipment expense is paid by Arigị.)


Arigiò Millenniumcard

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