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The "milleniumcard" A Diamond Is Forever
Insurance by Lloyd's of London
BPN: Safe payment
FedEx: the forwarding agent
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Our engagements for Your Satisfaction

Service Safety

The confidence of Arigio's customers starts from the purchase of the jewel and improves with the guarantees and service, which we are offering so that you may simply enjoy your jewels.

We want a demanding but fair customer! Everyone must assume his responsibility with understanding.

Right of withdrawals PendantTo simplify the right of withdrawal, in case, for any reason, you intend, within 15 days from the receipt, to replace a purchased jewel with another one or obtain the refund of the amount paid, we put at your disposal the return shipment service. We shall bear 50% of the costs for the relevant shipment.

the forwarding agent
We prepare your jewel, in the way you like it, and we send it to your address for your complete satisfaction. For the shipment of the jewels you had purchased on line we shall use FedEx as forwarding agent.
Details under point FedEx. FedEx: the rapidity.

The Safety:
Your Jewel is Ensured
Ring, Earings, Neckless
We are at your disposal to help you in a meditated, conscious and safe purchase: Let's konw each other better.
You have a total safety thanks to the insurance by Lloyd’s of London, to the gemmologist's certificate and to the jewel's
guarantee certificate.
See: Three Protections
The opportunities of "milleniumcard"

A wide range of further services is granted to the owners of the "millenniumcard" which is automatically sent to our customers at the second purchase. See “millenniumcard” - Why it is important to have it".

Safe Payment
The payment on line by credit card is safe thanks to BPN system.See: BPN: guarantee of protection.

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