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Tris by Arigiò

Tris by Arigiò

Our tris (three diamonds brilliant cut vvs 1 F).
Little band ring in black gold with tapered collets by white gold.

Tris can be carried out as well in different carats.
To simplify, we list herebelow prices of diamonds in duly envelope with certificate.These can be bought also individually (see "DD", and "Only You" and "Stop Gap" - Classic with Spirit). Just add to the stone/s price the one of solitaire "Only You", or of necklace "DD", degli orecchini "Tappa Buco" e del "Tris" in montatura.


Ring "Tris"

Owners of "millennium card" will always have the possibility of improving their diamonds (see "millenniumcard" improving gifts).

DiamondsThey could choose carats and other characteristics of the new stones both for colour and purity. The only condition to use again the jewel with diamonds bought at Arigio' is the lacking of tampering, i.e. every intervention should have been carried out at Arigio' laboratory.To this aim we remind you that, thanks to the number of millenium card and transport charges by FedEx are at our own expense.

Please consider that prices of the following table are referred to diamonds brilliant cut of "good" quality.

Rings "Tris"

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