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Gold and Stones

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Arigiò makes use of the colours of nature to produce his jewels and he has also the ability to extract powder from minerals which, combined with high temperature, generate refined enamel works.

has always been a symbol of wealth. It's the basic element of every jewel. A very malleable material, gold has to be associated with other metals to produce jewels. The combination of pure gold with other metals gives origin to the four standards of gold used in the jewellery industry: Yellow gold = Y, White gold = W, Pink Gold = P, Black Gold = B.
The value of gold is expressed in carats. One carat is equivalent to 1/5 of a gram. In any case the carat is used as unit of purity, rather then weight of the metal. All our jewels are 18 carat. gold as certified by the official state trademark.

Stones and Gems
The present of a jewel can be represented as a token of love, an emblem of strong, passionate feelings, the seal of a lifetime spent together.
The gem concentrates in itself beauty and perfection, passion and incorruptibility: giving others or ourselves a gem means to hold the symbol of happiness and fortune; when you wear jewels you can grasp their vital essence and you can feel something of supernatural about them.
It has always been thought that jewels and precious stones had a supernatural origin, and that therefore they possess mysterious and prodigious powers, that they can shape the life of those who wear them, bringing along happiness, health, fortune as well as elegance and seduction.

Tradition therefore implies that gems and jewels are powerful amulets: they hold within themselves the strength of nature, the noble feelings of the person who has donated them to us as a gift (the love of a friend, the passion of a lover, the gratitude of a son) and the soul of the artist who had been able to interpret and reach the essence of the shapes: he is the goldsmith artist who with his ability of combining creativity and rigour, talent and meticulousness, is capable of activating and enlarging the powers of the metal and of the feelings, so much so that the wonderful object transforms itself, as if by magic, in the image of he who wears it, of his soul.

For this reason the Jewel has remained one of the few magic objects of our contemporary society and it also holds in itself the wonderful colours of nature, or gives out beneficent vibrations for the body. It's the most beautiful gift. When a jewel is worn by someone, it becomes linked to that particular person, and turns into an inseparable charm.
Happiness and fortune are not always attainable, but they have to be pursued with patience and conquered by giving away our energy, believing in positive values, cultivating the beauty, the authenticity, opening our hearts to sentiment. The Jewel, prodigious talisman of all times, emblem of the dazzling light of the sun, facilitates this fascinating research, changes the existence of he who receives it as a gift, in a path full of joy and satisfaction.
Myths and fascinating legends on the therapeutic properties of Precious Stones arise and interlace, demonstrating that, in all the past ages, the donor of a jewel meant to show love, enthusiasm, but also a wish for a long and happy life.
The brightness and the wonderful element of purity and light of the precious stones communicated our ancestors the supernatural power of the Gems, turning them into incomparable charms endowed with magic virtues. The iridescent white of the pearl, the light blue of the sapphire, and the other luminescent colours of the precious stones have been interpreted as sublime representations of the Water, of the Fire, of the Earth, of the Sun, always worshipped as godheads distributors of happiness, fortune, and health. Every gem emanates peculiar talismantic virtues.

Aquamarine: It is considered a charm for lovers, an ideal wedding gift, it is supposed to bring happiness in marriage. In a thirteenth century manuscript, it was thought that Aquamarine could bring happiness and good health, could remove conflict, and that it had great potentials for kids: so much so that in the Middle Ages they used to have on their necks small fragments of this perfect transparent stone.

Agate: It is thought to bring health, to help finding hidden treasures, to keep at bay lighting and storms, to give powers to those who used to wear it. In ancient times the man who wore an agate was supposed to conquer the heart of his beloved woman, and to be protected by divinity. Plinio fully describes this gem with its different shades of colour (from green to yellow, to pale blue) and its various miraculous faculties, and among the others he considers it helpful against the bite of spiders and scorpions.

Amber: It is believed to be a powerful lucky charm and to link one's inner soul to a universal energy. It is mostly appreciated if shaped into a spherical form or to symbolize animals or parts of them. Amber is a fossil resin, yellow or brown-yellow; if burnt it sprays scent into the air. It was used by the Arabs to produce pipe mouthpiece and narghiles, in the hope it could prevent any possible infection.

Pendant  Amethyst: Or beneficent stone. Considered as a symbol of moderation and humanity, it appeases the intellect; it also improves the knowledge of business and helps people to stay sober. According to the ancient Greek mythology, Ametis was a very beautiful nymph, chased by Bacchus, who was passionately in love with her. She was subsequently saved by Diana and transformed into a translucent stone. It is believed that amethyst can strengthen the character of those who wear it, and can help fighting fears, worries, brings with it cheerfulness and gives a fine complexion. Amethysts is a variety of quartz. Its name is derived from the Greek "Amethusos" (non-intoxicated). Formerly it was believed that amethyst protected drinkers from becoming drunk. Worn as an amulet, Amethyst was also used as a charm against poison and for inducing sound sleep. Arigiò uses it as a substitute of iolite and aquamarine, all of which are notably simple, charming and endowed with wonderful colours.

The Citrine: Citrine is derived from the Latin word "citrus", which means lemon. The yellow coloured quartz is called citrine. Its hue varies from pale golden yellow to reddish yellow, unless it undergoes particular treatments that can turn the colour of the stone to a pale light blue known as sapphire quartz. Arigiò makes use of this stone to substitute it with amber or agate when a brighter shade of colour is needed. It is thought that citrine might protect from stomach pains.

Coral: For its matter, its shapes, and its colour, Coral seems to reunite in a powerful way nature's three main kingdoms. It was considered as a very powerful amulet, and very effective against evil eye. If it is worn it expresses power against every kind of spell when its glowing red manages to catch the eye. It is an ideal amulet for pregnant women and for kids. If touched, coral can detect illnesses and poisonings.

Cornelian: Shaped as an amulet it had always been loved and used. In the Middle
Ages those who chose it as an ornament were protected from evil thoughts, spells, lightning and neuralgia. In China it was thought cornelian could transform shy people into excellent speakers. According to the Ayuredic medicine Cornelian is amongst the seven crystals that emit beneficiary vibrations.

Rock Crystal: It symbolizes the purity, the divination, the wisdom and all those mysterious powers which have been bestowed upon men. Although a material, rock crystal can be scrutinized as if it were immaterial: it represents the half way between the visible and the invisible. Cut as a sphere it helps the fortune tellers to read the present, the past, and the future. It protects from storms, and the dangers faced going out to sea, and keeps many illnesses at bay.

Diamond: Regarded as a symbol of strength, of purity and immutability, it had always been the charm of the winners. The word Diamond is derived from the Greek word "Adamai" which in Greek means "not manageable" = indomitable strength; Diamond is the gem above all others, the most magic of all and brings with it incredible strength and fortune. It can bring peace between husband and wife, makes their love stronger, helps to keep the spirits high and removes sadness and conflict.
According to the popular tradition of western Europe, diamond keeps wild animals, witches and ghosts at bay, along with all the terrifying presences of the night. It is also a miraculous antidote against all kinds of poisons. If applied to the seventh chakra, it can bring self-confidence and energy.

Jade: It is considered as the symbol of perfection, immortality and royalty. For the Chinese it was considered as a panacea capable of easing all pains if broken; if it was mixed with them and with beverages, jade could prolong life itself. It was also considered to possess a formidable power to bring success in love.

Garnet: It is a stone that protects bold persons, safeguards them, and increases their courage. It protects kids from envy, beautiful girls from domestic animals. The ancients regarded the garnet as a life-saving stone against the snake-bite and also as a protection for the eyesight.

Iolite: An excellent charm that protects people's love, makes it stronger, and enables lovers to predict their future. It resolves doubts and anxieties with mysterious wisdom. It's absolutely necessary to take a right decision.

  PendantsLapislazuli: Its beautiful blue colour of various hues and depths is sprinkled with golden veins. This gem has the power to strengthen vital forces, friendships, to assure fidelity in marriage and to bring happiness and purity of spirit. It is useful to wear a jewel made of lapislazuli to protect oneself from skin-related diseases, anaemia, and even from epilepsy. A long time ago doctors used to propose the stone to their patients to strengthen their lives and to help them to sleep better.

Opal: Lucky charm for the weak and the unfaithful. Protects from bone-pain carries sadness away and brings cheerfulness to the heart. In the Middle Ages it was believed that opal could make invisible those who wore it. In medicine was considered useful against sleeplessness. Those who wear an opal have the power to foretell the future.

Peridot: It had been considered the emblem of hope for its pale green colour. It protects those who wear it from the dangers of war and of roaming, like the Turquoise. It gives health, success and luck in commerce and with dice. It soothes the pains of love.

Pearl: Born from the deep waters and from the moon, included in a shell, it represents a growing womanliness. Possessed with magic virtues, the pearl evokes the profound essence of mankind. It represents the sublimation of the instincts, the positive fulfilment of evolution.
The Pearl gives love and health, it is an elixir of life, a powerful aphrodisiac. In the thirteenth century oriental doctors made use of it to treat the eyes and as a beneficial tonic.

Ruby: It is the stone of strong passions, of the blood that flows... he who possesses it will live in peace with everybody, will not lose his wealth, will be safe from dangers. The stone will also protect its owner, his fruits his vineyards which will never be devastated by storms. Ruby is considered the emblem of happiness, brings joy, has the strength to reconcile those who quarrel, protects from the dangers of water f strengthen memory. In Ayuredic medicine it is linked to the first chakra.

Emerald: It is the stone of the secret knowledge, it has the power to disclose the future, it is also a powerful ally against spells and sorcery. It helps lovers, it discloses the veracity or the falsehood of the oaths of love. Plinio thought that on account of its green colour, it was sufficient to stare at an emerald to relieve tired eyes, rendering them refreshed and rested. In the Ayuredic therapy it is appointed to the fourth chakra, at the level of the heart, centre of love and emotions.

Topaz: In ancient times all the gemstones of a yellow or golden brownish colour were called topaz. According to some sources the name is derived from an island located in the Red Sea (Topazos); for others it is derived from the Sanskrit "tupaz" which means fire. The topaz chosen by Arigiò is the one marketed under the trade name Madeira, symbol of originality and nobleness of soul. The stone has to be set in gold to generate its powers at its best. So he who wears it becomes wise, immune from fears and from ghosts. According to medieval traditions, a topaz set in a bracelet worn on the left arm protects its owner from evil eye. This stone of legendary origin has not lost its therapeutic properties for the worshippers of the Ayuredic medicine, who connect It to the third chakra, centre of the well-being and of the personality.

Ring, Neckless  Tourmaline: Emblem of duality and perfection: body and soul, sky and earth. It has the power to ease any pain as long as It is worn with gold and never taken away. It brings health and beauty.

Turquoise: Considered by the Egyptians and all the Arabic world as the talisman above all others, it changes its colour when it comes into contact with the skin. It protects from falls and the knights of all times used to have the stone set in a ring and always used to wear it. For the Aztecs the stone was linked to the sun, for the Indians of America it was essential to the magic of wizards. A striking peculiarity is attributed to this stone: its sudden change of colour puts on the defensive against sudden dangers.

Sapphire: In the past the name sapphire (in Greek blue) indicated different kinds of blue stones. Today the name is referred to the blue corundum. The blue sapphire owes its colours to a small admixture of bivalent iron and traces of titanium. Its brilliancy varies depending on its colour and on its piece of origin. symbol of purity and of powerful energy, this gem has to be worn by someone faithful in love, and it is for this reason that is often donated as an engagement gift. It favours devotion and meditation, brings the spirit up, brings luck, protects from envy and attracts divine favour. Its magnetic power helps to preserve a long-lasted eyesight. Ayuredic medicine links this stone to the fifth chakra that corresponds to creativity.

A stone for each one of us

A stone for every feeling
Stones and planets. Every precious stone is linked to a different planet.

Sun: Beryl, Diamond
Moon: Moonstone, Pearl, Rock Crystal
Mars: Garnet, Ruby, Red Tourmaline
Mercury: Yellow Sapphire, Topaz
Neptune: Coral, Amber, Turquoise
Pluto: Cornelian, Agate, Opal
Jupiter: Amethyst, Lapislazuli, Blue Sapphire
Saturn: Aquamarine, Spinel
Venus: Emerald, Peridot

Le Pietre del proprio Segno
To each month corresponds a precious stone.

Aquarium: from 21.01 to 18.02 Falcon's eye, Turquoise, Amber
Fish: from 19.02 to 20.03- Amethyst, Spinel, Pink Quartz
Aries: from 21.03 to 20.04- Red Jasper, Red Tourmaline, Rhodochrosite
Taurus: from 21.04 to 20.05- Orange Cornelian, Malachite, Emerald
Twins: from 21.05 to 20.06 Citrine, Tiger's eye, Aquamarine
Cancer: from 21.07 to 22.08- Rock Crystal, Ruby, Diamond
Virgin: from 23.08 to 22.09- Yellow Green, Blue Agate, Pearl
The scales: from 23.09 to 22.10- Iolite, Labradorite, Green Speckled Jasper
Scorpio: from 23.10 to 22.11- Chrome Tourmaline, Garnet, Topaz, Red Sapphire
Sagittarius~ from 23.11 to 21.12- Light Blue Quartz, Chalcedony, Blue Sapphire
Capricorn: from 22.12 to 20.01- Onyx, Cat's eye, Yellow Sapphire

Stone of the month
A precious stone corresponds to each month.

January Garnet
February Amethyst
RingsMarch Aquamarine
April Diamond
May Emerald
June Pearl
July Ruby
August Peridot
September Sapphire
October Opal
November Topaz
December Light Blue Agate

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