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What's really a "Jewel"?
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Often the word "Jewel" is overworked and not properly used.
Jewel is the proper definition for an object being made with the best precious or semi-precious materials, with the best labour and a particular artistic content.



Why this site



This site is dedicated to people looking for quality and artistic content of an object realized in a precious material, in a few words to people wishing to own a true Jewel, or to give it as gift.
One often doesn't know which is the right person to contact, and to trust to in order to achieve one's own wishes and requirements in terms of Jewels.

Jewels are integral part of our culture. They tell us about ancient civilizations, about man and his feelings, they recall places, faces, and passions.
Their styles date our existences and remind us life habits.

Jewels speak of us from the past and in the future.
Jewels are among the few magic objects we have. With their enchantment, astonishment and joy, they demonstrate our vital force, our love well beyond their adornment capacity.



The creation of a Jewel

A Jewel is shaped by the force of fire, by the strength of the hammer and by the goldsmith's talent.
Born in the designer's mind, it proceeds in his drawings and it is forged by the craftsman's hands: a skilled goldsmith who knows how to interpret curves and thickness.

A Jewel represents the balance between proportions, the wise mixture of golden hues, the coupling with precious stones, the simple union with hard stones.

A Jewel is intuition, interpretation, and life.


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