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A suggestion for those who buy their first Arigiò Jewel

We suggest you to buy first a jewel of limited value: you'll be able to verify the level of our quality.

To purchase in a safe way

The purchase of a jewel is doubtless a delicate matter, which requires attention and reflection, and it is for this reason that Arigiò is at your disposal to allow you to choose in a single, secure and conscious manner.

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You can ask for Maddy, Marina, Manlio, or Paolo.


Some methods allow to determine the quality of the product and to realize a good bargain:

  • The hallmark 750/ certifies that the product is made in 18 carat gold
  • The official trade mark (metric office) is a further guarantee of the quality of the product
  • Carats (abbreviation used in books "ct"). Arigiò is committed himself to indicate the number of carats of all the precious stones available on the site
  • The grams of gold (abbreviation used in books "g").
    All our products are in solid gold, that enables to produce jewels aesthetically beautiful, solid, and always repairable. Be careful: two rings apparently identical can have two weights completely different; don't forget the weight of gold which gives the ring consistency, character, and personality.
  • The design
  • Additional services
  • The guarantees
  • Partners

If you are satisfied with our site, if you liked Arigiò's jewels, if you esteem our firm:
tell a friend you can share emotions and sensations, and furthermore you'll make something agreeable for Him and for us.

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