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Classic with Spirit

The jewels we wear or we give as a gift, express our personality and our style.
Those who wear a first class jewel, either big or small but of the finest workmanship, express their interior richness.
Jewel is purity and liberty. It is joy and safety. It is mutability and plot. We put it on and take it off like a thought coming and fading.
Jewels are like summer clouds: small, big or imposing, they draw the sky. Women wearing an ARIGIO jewel are like that sky …
Here you will find our proposals, classic with spirit. ARIGIO classic jewels imply years of handcraft and artistic experience. You cannot find more accuracy, love, and experience in their making.
All ARIGIO's jewels, created with the best precious or semi-precious stones and pearls of the best quality, are in 18 kt (i.e. 750%°) gold.
The "Arigiovane line" is made by 925%° silver.
In both cases the style is unique.
From now on the site informs you about jewels prices and if you wish, you can buy them on line.

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