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The "milleniumcard" A Diamond Is Forever
Insurance by Lloyd's of London
BPN: Safe payment
FedEx: the forwarding agent
Pendant BPN: A Safe Payment
FedEx: The Forwarding Agent

BPN: Guarantee of Protection

Thanks to an agreement with BPN - the italian bank "Banca Popolare di Novara" - we are in the position to offer to our customers a 100% safe use of the credit card for the payments.
BPN has in fact developed a very efficient cryptography system to enable you to send the number of your credit card with the maximum safety. Through this system nobody, including us, will get to know the number you digit in the relevant form. The message will be received only by the bank that, after having identified you, will ask for your confirmation before sending us your payment.

We would be glad if our jewels could fill you with joy and therefore we will do our best to avoid you any worry.


FedEx e TNT:
The Swiftness

RingFedEx: the best carrier for the safety of our jewels.

FedEx grants a quick and safe delivery.
You will be able to check on line the status of the delivery whenever you wish.

If you feel that we may get better services from companies other than::

     Lloyd’s of London (Insurances)
          BPN - Banca Popolare di Novara
               FedEx (Forwarding agent)

Let us know, we shall be happy to improve our service.

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