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Arigiò's jewels are made for people wishing to paint new skies, to interpret new clouds.
The possibility of a wide and sophisticated choice as well as a highly professional service complete the good, ten years' long relationship between Arigiò and its customers.


The Company

Its History

In 1976 GIOIELLI ARIMONDO established his jewels workshop in Imperia, a lovely small town on the Italian Riviera. Thanks to his capability in designing and producing jewels that expressed not only a new style, but also a great care in manufacturing. The company has been growing constantly. In 1981 a second workshop-showroom was opened in the most important street of Genoa, Via XX Settembre. Here, for the first time, jewels were marked by shortening the designer's name and surname, i.e. ARIGIO'. At the same time, GIO is also the initial of the Italian word for jewel. (GIOiello).

Starting from few pieces as unique items the production grew to small series, always strictly hand-made, dedicating a great care to the smallest detail, particularly focused on extremely accurate stones settings.
The mixture between handicraft and stylistic inspiration, at first from the founder and now from an entire staff, make ARIGIO jewels unmistakable and desirable. In 1989 ARIGIO' opened the first shop where one could choose the best jewel at the most convenient price.


ARIGIO' today


Today our jewels are produced for the game of life, to describe and represent feelings, to remind with joy the most important moments of our life, but even to underline everyday's humour.

To this aim we produce with love and devotion cheerful Jewels, to be worn all the time, everyday, all day long.


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