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The "milleniumcard" A Diamond Is Forever
Insurance by Lloyd's of London
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Insurance by Lloyd's of London
Three protections  
  Lloyd's of London: a Safety
The Insurance The buyer of an Arigiò's jewel (con importo superiore ai 1.000 Euro) receives not only the guarantee on stones and product but also an already active insurance against damages and loss of the jewels due to robbery or theft.
The Appraisal on the Gems A gems expert analyses and certifies the diamonds (solo a pietre superiori od uguali al 0,25 ct.).
Thanks to his appraisal the stones are identified, as they would have been submitted to the fingerprints test. This enables us to offer the "improving presents" system.
(See “millenniumcard”)
The jewel's certificate
of guarantee
A certificate of guarantee is issued to collect all the information concerning the jewel, in order to complete the set of protections.
Lloyd's of London Insurance
  The Appraisal on the Gems Certificate of Guarantee

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